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Donuts on TV

Check out Ken's hard hitting political issues of 2018! Lol - we like it.

Ken Hoffman has the prescription for annoying doctor's office waits - CultureMap Houston Generated 22nd October 2018 10:19:35 <img height="1" width="1" style="display:none" src="" />


Ken's no-spin zone Here’s my in-depth, hard-hitting political analysis for 2018:

Have you seen Harris County Judge Ed Emmett’s new political ad, where his grandchildren ask where voters can find Emmett on the ballot, and grandpa surprises the kids with a big box of doughnuts?

The investigative reporter in me had to ask: Where did Emmett get those doughnuts? Answer: River Oaks Donuts on Westheimer. Seems the ad’s producer liked how the box looked on camera.

I would have gone with Shipley Do-Nuts, home of the fantastic Hoffy Twist, an extra-long cinnamon cruller topped with dark chocolate icing. It’s one of the crown jewels in my collection of fine foods. But I’m still voting for Emmett.


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